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K D International is a school with a unique mission. We may define K D International as a dynamic educational community created by interaction of dedicated organisers, enthusiastic and committed faculty and motivated staff. In a short period of time, it has earned an enviable reputation for the quality of its academic programs and the quality of school life offered to the students.

Our objective is to make the students complete in every respect . The students are taught not only the latest concepts but also the traditional values of our country The western scientific advancement and our indispensable Indian values are blended together in the school.

             The School is a part of the great work started by late Sh. Kirpal Dass Chugh , Founding Father of K D Group. The foundation of K D Kids was formally laid under his guidance and leadership. It is his vision that has become the philosophy of K D Group. The philosophy, that takes education from mere literacy to knowledge and strength of character.

At K D International the joy of learning is celebrated every day .We have a sound academic program. We wish to prepare students of promise.


K D Kids and K D International are managed by a team of qualified educationists for whom the aim in life is to develop their pupils into rare citizens, of which the Nation would be proud of. Committed to the concept of excellence and all-round disciplined development, the management of Our teachers are suitably qualified and are a part of a professional team. They have unique qualities like patience and understanding. They are dynamic, enthusiastic, innovative and are capable of producing a friendly atmosphere in which the students can express themselves and learn. Our teachers encourage the development of each student by providing security and warmth and emphasize on self discipline.


 Our teachers are carefully chosen not only for their subject specialty but also because of their aptitude and experience. Our teachers are not just satisfied with tried and tested methods; they are delighted to create and explore more effective ways of teaching

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